Photo on 2015-04-04 at 4.52 PMWhen I began this page, I was a little unclear about what the goals of this blog were, and in a way I still am. However, it’s beginning to take shape as a kind of love letter to my new home, Victoria BC, and a meditation on what it means to grow older. During this sabbatical year, I have discovered a greater sense of wellbeing and a new awareness of what it means to become older. In the process, my musings on this blog have helped me to make sense of the everyday joys and frustrations of living life at whatever stage we find ourselves. Thanks for coming along on this journey.


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23 09 2011
Bonita Slager

I look forward to your ‘ramblings’ Janice as I am trying to discern how people who live alone find contentment in quiet and I think that maybe you have. This year I have less work and more time on my hands and I like to hear how others manage to fill their lives with interest and adapt to change with grace. I think that I still have a lot to learn about life and I am lucky to know so many interesting ‘teachers’. Does your sabbatical include any travel plans?

24 09 2011

Thanks for joining me on this journey Bonnie. If you go to the top to “Random Thoughts”, that will take you to some of my “ramblings” so far. I’ll be interested in your responses as I share some thoughts along the way this year. I think there’s some way to get an email alert when I share a post but to tell you the truth, I haven’t got a clue how to do that. My tech savviness only stretches so far:-) My sabbatical has included a trip to London but I’m pretty content where I am. I might try for a trip to Australia if I can come up with a conference there so I can get some funding:-) Other than that, I’ll be staying put, trying to get more fit and working away at my academic work that I’ve neglected over the past three years of administrative work. I feel very lucky to have this year and really want to use it wisely, which I’m learning is not the same as constant busyness.

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